Kratom consumption statistics show that 0.8% of American citizens take kratom for pain relief, managing depression symptoms, coping with anxiety, and boosting confidence, among other reasons. While the benefits are worthwhile, most potential buyers don’t know where to begin.

Besides choosing the different types of kratom products, you must sift through the overwhelming number of kratom strains to identify the best strain for you. Kratom strains feature varying effects and potency levels, meaning the herb is not a one-size-fits-all affair.

Here are different kratom strains guide to help you narrow down the ideal stains to meet your needs.

Kratom Strain Classification

A strain refers to descendants from the same plant cultivar featuring varying phenotypes (physical appearance) and secondary metabolites (non-essential molecular compounds like alkaloids and cannabinoids). Although kratom generally comes from Southeast Asia, its varieties thrive in various distinct regions across Southeast Asia. Second, kratom farmers harvest the leaves at different maturation points; kratom leaf veins change color three times before the leaves mature and die.

Therefore, kratom enthusiasts classify the herb into various strains using two main parameters, leaf vein color, and region of origin.ย  Leaf color venation is an important categorization because besides lending kratom products their color, the phenomenon also dictates the leafโ€™s alkaloid profile. Below is an overview of kratom strains by leaf venation color.

Kratom Strains By Color

Kratom Strains By Color

1. White Kratom Strains

White-veined kratom leaves are at the first stage of their lifecycle and have distinct alkaloid profiles with high speciociliatine [1] [2] concentrations and low mitragynine concentrations. While speciociliatine is a recent discovery in kratom research, one study links it to elevated energy levels and euphoria.

Accordingly, white-veined kratom strains are synonymous with stimulant effects, euphoria, energy-boosting capacity, physical strength, stamina, focus, and concentration, and improving some cognitive functions. However, such strains are extremely potent; hence low doses are ideal; white kratom strains also cause sedation at high doses.

2. Green Kratom Strains

Kratom farmers harvest green-veined kratom leaves when the alkaloids in the leaves are at an optimum level. Consequently, green kratom strains are fan-favorites for their balanced stimulant and relaxation effect, offering soothing relief.

Green kratom strains are ideal for anxiety relief and overall wellbeing. Most green kratom strains also deliver efficient pain-relieving effects.

3. Red Kratom Strains

Red venation in kratom leaves indicates a leaf harvested right before maturity. Kratom leaves harvested at this maturation point have high mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine concentrations; the two alkaloids lend kratom its analgesic property.

Consequently, red kratom strains are potent analgesics, offering relief for nociceptive and neuropathic pain, and feature antioxidation and anti-inflammation properties. The strains are also potent sedatives, best taken at night to induce restful sleep.

Different Kratom Strains By Geographical Origin

Kratom Strains By Geographical Origin

Climatic conditions, soil profiles, terrain, and altitude also enhance kratom leaf’s alkaloid content and concentration. So, the kratom strain classification by leaf venation used above is too broad to encompass distinctions between kratom strains cultivated in diverse Southeast regions. Below is a list of popular kratom strains classified by native origin.

1. Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom packs a punch with its robust stimulant effect. The Indonesian kratom strain features a high energy-boosting alkaloid concentration and tops the list of the most potent kratom strains. Maeng Da kratom is ideal for euphoria, elevated energy levels, boosting moods, mental focus, and clarity.

However, it’s not the best kratom strain with soothing and sedative effects. Given its outstanding potency, Maeng Da strains may also be an overwhelming choice for kratom newbies but may work for moderate kratom users seeking something stronger. Regardless, start low and go slow with Maeng da kratom because it is a sedative at high doses.

2. Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom is the go-to strain for kratom consumers desiring a calming effect. The strain exhibits stimulant properties that may counter lethargy, yet it also has relaxation properties ideal for stress and anxiety management.

Moreover, its sedation capacity is pretty low, making it safe to take during the day. Borneo kratom has mild analgesic properties, so it is not an ideal candidate for offering pain relief.

3. Bali Kratom

The Bali Kratom strain is a much-needed antidote to an anxiety-riddled world. Its dominant property is facilitating muscle and mental relaxation with its soothing effect.

While it is effective, it is not overwhelmingly potent or sedative, making it ideal for kratom newbies or people with low kratom tolerance. Bali kratomโ€™s effects last five to six hours.

4. Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom strains have a knack for mental stimulation and counter fatigue, lengthening attention spans by hours. The strain also features a mood-boosting capacity and is ideal for managing depression symptoms.

Besides the above, Thai kratom is also a powerful analgesic, especially red-veined Thai kratom. Observe dosage considerations as Thai kratomโ€™s sedative effect shows strong at high doses.

5. Malay kratom

Malay kratom is yet another kratom strain featuring dominant properties from the stimulant side of the kratom spectrum. The strain gives bouts of physical and mental energy, allowing you to focus and complete physical and mental tasks with ease. It also has a euphoric effect and facilitates mood elevation but is dose-dependent, causing sedation at high doses.

6. Indo Kratom

Indo kratom is an alkaloid-rich kratom strain delivering a balanced effect across the kratom spectrum. The kratom strain features moderate potency, making it ideal for kratom newbies; regardless, stick to recommended doses when taking Indo kratom.


Identifying your ideal kratom strain

Identifying your ideal kratom strain begins with establishing your needs and educating yourself on kratom strains; thankfully, the above kratom strain guide has you covered. Most importantly, ensure you only buy lab-tested kratom from trustworthy vendors.

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