Singapore has a human development index 11th in the World and a rapidly growing economy. It is one of the best countries to work in as an expatriate.

Post-pandemic, Singapore is once again in a prime position for sustained economic growth. Located in South East Asia, it is close to economic giants Japan and China.

But what are the best jobs in Singapore for foreigners? You want to sustain a healthy lifestyle and give yourself room to grow. Career choice is crucial.

We have a guide to the highest-paying jobs in Singapore for foreigners. Read on for all you need to know.

Supply Chain Director

Supply Chain Director

Supply chain directors help source, plan, deliver and recycle resources. You will keep company expenses down while meeting all logistical needs.

You will need analytical skills, experience with logistics, and a head for business. Salaries start at around US$60,000 a year. As with all jobs on this list, recruitment agencies can help you get started.

Financial Analyst and Advisor

A job as a financial advisor puts you in a prime position in Singapore. The city-state thrives on its financial services industry.

Help clients hit their financial targets. Provide services they need and help them invest. You will be rewarded with a base salary of around US$62,000 per year.

Project Manager Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners

You will manage the planning, action, and completion of company projects. Project management is one of the most in-demand expat jobs Singapore has to offer.

You will need excellent time management and task prioritization skills. You will need to manage colleagues and keep things moving forward. For this, you can expect a base salary of around US$70,000 a year.

Head of Procurement

Head of Procurement

You will be in charge of obtaining resources from international suppliers. Your aim is to boost value for your company’s partners and units. Procurement is vital for all companies.

Heads of procurement can expect a starting salary of around US$72,000 a year.

All businesses need legal counsel. The biggest companies hire in-house to ensure they have the legal advice they need. If you are qualified legal counsel, you can find the career you seek in Singapore.

As in-house legal counsel, you can receive a salary of over US$120,000 a year. It is one of the most lucrative jobs in Singapore.

Financial Broker

Singapore was top of the World Bank’s Human Capital Index. Financial brokers are in high demand.

Brokers help clients decide on financial investments. You will need knowledge of regulations, market analysis, stocks, and financial advice.

You need to act fast in this job. Make it work, and you can earn a base salary of around US$80,000 a year.

Head of Information Technology

Technology helps Singapore thrive, and IT heads are highly sought after. You will manage IT operations. You will keep security airtight and ensure all tech, apps, and data work as they should.

As head of IT, you can achieve a starting salary of over US$100,000 a year.

Thinking of Moving to Singapore?

Thinking of Moving to Singapore

We hope our guide helped you choose the best jobs in Singapore for foreigners. Singapore is one of the fastest-growing employment markets in the World. The right recruitment firm can give your career the lift you need.

Enjoyed this article? For more career, finance, and business advice check out the rest of our site. Good luck in your Singapore job search!

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