You’re ready to move. Congratulations!

We know how important it is to prepare your home for moving into a new house. We have put together a checklist to help you navigate the moving process.

1. Dismantle Bulky Furniture

furniture dismantling

You should disassemble or pack any awkward furniture you have to move before the furniture removalists in Melbourne arrive. Although assistance can be given to disassemble and reassemble beds, it is best to do this ahead of time.

2. Get Packing Materials

Do not underestimate the importance of packing and don’t rush to get started. Call your local packing company before you put your items in boxes. You might consider buying different-sized boxes that can hold different loads. Also, you may want to get packing peanuts and bubble wrap to protect delicate pieces. To protect large furniture pieces, keep some blankets and towels on hand.

3. Pack Strategically


You can make it easier for your moving company by not overloading a box so they are easily picked up and loaded onto the truck by the house movers and just by using a little bit of careful planning on how each is packed you will save yourself the very avoidable wasted time of broken boxes during the moving process. So, avoid heavy boxes and make it easy to lift for everyone. Save the smaller boxes for the heaviest items and use the larger ones to load your lighter items. Start by packing your heaviest items first, and then place the lighter items on top.

4. Your Boxes Should Be Labeled

Home removal services are not cheap especially if they are charging by the hour. If your requirement is to have them move specific boxes into specific rooms then your boxes should be labeled. The last thing, you would want is for the moving company to spend an hour labeling the boxes on moving day when it is simply a task you can do leading up to moving day. Label the tops and sides of each box clearly with the room it belongs to so that they can be moved into the appropriate rooms in the new house. Tape a list of contents to each box to one side. This way, if something is missing, you can quickly identify what’s in each box.

5. Prepare Your Fridge And Freezer

It takes a while for fridges and freezers to defrost completely. This is why it is important to start the process at least one day before your removalists arrive. You can empty your freezer and fridge into eskys, then lay down some towels and unplug the fridge. The fridge and freezer will defrost overnight. Give it a quick cleaning before the removalists arrive to get rid of any food or water. This way when the fridge is unloaded at your new home, you don’t need to spend time cleaning and just need to stock it up making you settle into your new home quicker.

6. Charge Your Phone

charging phone

This can be somewhat overlooked when you are inundated with other moving tasks to complete. But is the reason why this needed to be included in the end. A dead phone on moving day is no good. It will be your friend and life saver, where you need it the most to coordinate the moving process. You will need it to contact your moving company, possibly your storage facility, your real estate agent, family, and friends. You may even need to contact the bank. Without a phone on moving day, you will find it extremely overwhelming and stressful and there are times where you need to take photos of box contents or damages if they happen as well. So, by all means make sure you have a phone that is charged to capacity, and even consider having a power bank on the side just in case you run out of battery power.

Wrapping Up

You now know what you need to do to prepare your home for moving. By being well prepared you can control emotions on moving day and not get overwhelmed in the process and simply tackle each problem as it comes. If you rather not lift a finger, you can opt for a complete white glove moving service from your moving company if the whole process seems overwhelming or difficult to fit in your busy life. Good luck with your move.

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