A Look at How Sports Betting Has Made Fans More Knowledgeable

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If you enjoy sports betting then there has never been a better time to be a punter. Indeed, professional sport is now very much data-driven and the available information on hand has made sports betting much less of a shot in the dark and hope for the best type of situation. On the contrary, with readily accessible as well as comprehensive data on almost every sport out there that you can bet on, a picture of the likely outcome becomes a lot sharper.

At least, we can draw on this information and in the process, understand how a certain match may play out. So let’s say you’re a soccer fan and are eyeing up a bet on the fixture between Manchester United and Liverpool, your heart says the Red Devils will win but your head reminds you to take a look at the recent form of both teams by analyzing the data over their last five fixtures.

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So, being the diligent punter that you are, you decide to dive into the numbers and have a good look around before making your bet. As it turns out, you learn that Liverpool have scored 20 goals over the last five games and have only conceded three, whilst Manchester United have conceded 11 and scored just four. All of a sudden, it becomes alarmingly clear that Liverpool is currently the better side and coming into this game against United in red-hot form. Additionally, you notice that Liverpool have won three out of the last four games against Manchester United which also suggests that recent history is on their side and will provide even further momentum when kick-off takes place.

With all the information now on the table, backing your hunch quickly seems like a fool’s game when the data is overwhelmingly in favor of a result for Jurgen Klopp’s men. With this being the case, you decide to bet on Liverpool winning and are rewarded when the Anfield side put five past United to win comfortably.

Of course, this is an example with numbers that are fairly easily attained in order to make the example a bit more digestible but the truth is that you can easily dive deep into some extraordinarily complex data in order to fine-tune your bet. Indeed, sports like Formula One provide a prime example of this when you consider how intricate the cars are and how much data is harvested in the pursuit of winning. You only need to look at how analytics automation is powering McLaren Racing’s Formula One success to grasp this and also understand how the data produced by these teams is used by punters to make more of an informed decision on their bet.

So, why does all of this matter? In short, betting has made punters more knowledgeable as the large majority don’t leave any stone unturned before making a bet nowadays. Indeed, the desire to come out on the winning end of a bet has led punters to research significantly more about the sports that they love.

With this being the case, we’ve seen a surge in the number of people betting on sports given that it has become more of a science than a “hit and hope” experience. Perhaps there isn’t a better example of this growth than the exponential increase in online sportsbooks popping up which has led to land-based casinos turning to reliable retail sports betting operators to run their sports wagering offering. These “betting shop” solutions are manufactured to pilot land-based casinos by providing them with an online sportsbook, something they wouldn’t have previously been able to offer their clients. In essence, it is an omnichannel turnkey model that is designed to power any online operation, which once again speaks of the industry demand.

Indeed, this is a significant development when you consider that online gambling is now worth around $67 billion and is expected to grow to $93 billion by 2023, which works out to a staggering increase of 11.5% per annum. In other words, these retail sports betting solutions are here to stay as the online sports betting market grows.

The bottom line is that there has never been a substitute for having an informed view on sports when it comes to betting but now that there is endless data available at the click of a button, bettors are a lot more clued up about what they are doing.

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