A whopping 17% of businesses spend half of their marketing budgets on one thing — social media influencers.

There’s a good reason for this trend as influencers often have huge followings. Every post has incredible reach, and it doesn’t cost much to connect with influencers.

Are you currently considering using mega influencers to market your business? If so, then the first step is to build relationships with potential influencers.

You can’t slide into any social media user’s DMs, though. There’s a whole process you should follow to vet influencers first. Read on to learn exactly how to connect with mega influencers in a way that benefits your brand.

1. Find Influencers that Match Your Brand

Find Influencers that Match Your Brand

First, you’ll need to find influencers that match your brand. You can achieve this by doing a little online research or knowing what’s trendy.

For instance, it’s well-known that Kim Kardashian’s fashion is always a hit. If you wanted to promote your clothes, then she’d be who you’d want to show it off! Of course, you’re likely not going to be able to recruit mega influencers like the Kardashians.

Or, could you?!

Don’t put it past super famous celebrities to accept an influencer deal with you. All you’ll need to do is learn how to build a relationship with them first. Learn more on that below.

2. Connect and Gauge Interest

Next, send a friend request or start following the influencer. Before contacting them, invest some time into becoming a fan. In other words, look at their prior content and the types of engagement they get on their posts.

Make sure they embody the qualities of your brand and business.

If you’re struggling to connect, then it’s a good idea to strengthen your network skills. The Clever Connector can help you with that. You can check it out here!

3. Make an Offer With Clear Expectations

Make an Offer With Clear Expectations

Once you’re sure the influencer is good for your business, craft up an offer. Make expectations clear from the start. For instance, will they get paid for their posts? What if they try your product and don’t actually like it?

Has out these details and make sure you both agree before moving forward.

4. Gauge the Effectiveness of the Post

Once the post is up, it’s time for you to gauge how well the campaign worked.

Did you notice a spike in internet traffic? Did you get a boost in sales?

It might be a good idea to try different influencers to see which ones work best with your brand.

Can Mega Influencers Help Your Business Grow?

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In 2022, mega influencers can make or break your business. One good post could launch your product to heights you’ve never experienced before.

It’s so important to vet your influencers, though. The last thing you need is to get canceled over someone else’s behavior! That’s why we advise following the steps above to prevent a disaster.

Did you find these tips helpful? Are you looking for more advice to help your business grow and succeed this year? If so, then you’re in the best place to get informed. Head to our business section now for more of our greatest articles.

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