Are you wanting to flip houses but are unsure how to find houses to flip? Is not knowing whether you need a real estate license stopping you from embarking on this business venture?

Investing in real estate is quite a different aspect of property ownership compared to a regular home sale. If you are financially stable and have the urge to invest, investing in a house flipping business is the perfect opportunity to earn some profit. However, you will require significant knowledge here, such as where to look for profitable deals and how to find houses to flip.

In this article, we will walk you through the following:

  • How to find houses to flip?
  • How long does it take to flip a house?
  • Do you need a real estate license to flip houses?

How To Find Houses To Flip?

The first and most important task is to look for properties worth investment opportunities that can give you a substantial net profit after eliminating the purchasing and repairing costs.

Hence, determining the best deal for houses to flip requires great effort and time.

Consult A Real Estate Agent

How To Become A Real Estate Agent And How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

Inexperienced investors can consult a real estate agent, which can be pretty helpful for the house flipping business. Highly experienced and professional real estate experts can assist investors in finding out the best houses to flip.

Plus, they know what places are ideal for flipping houses, allowing investors to identify the real profitable deals among many options.

Look For Foreclosed Homes

The basic principle behind a house flipping business is to buy profitable investment properties below market value and can add a notable value to earn high profits on their investment. Thus, in this regard, it is best to go for properties that are foreclosed homes.

Bank-owned or foreclosed homes are a great option when looking for how to find houses to flip. This is because these houses are usually listed below the actual price. After all, it costs banks money to keep these houses. For this reason, banks need to sell these properties faster. In addition, they also offer investors some excellent investment opportunities.

Look For Auctions

a house for sell

Another great option is auctioning to get a perfect real estate deal. However, it is crucial that the bidding stays at a minimum level. In addition, it is also noteworthy to beware as such properties are sometimes auctioned sight unseen; you will not always be able to know what you are investing in.

Short Sales And Foreclosures

Typically, in a short sale, lenders accept amounts that are lower than the property’s existing mortgage amounts. If the homeowner cannot complete their monthly payments, banks might allow them to make a short sale to prevent foreclosing on their properties. Such opportunities are the best deal for investors who are looking for houses to flip.

Homeowners in such scenarios might sell for the amounts remaining on their mortgage or even fewer amounts which are relatively lower than the actual amount of the property. Additionally, sellers are generally in quite a rush to come out of their financial constraints, so deals can be done much faster than usual.

Apart from this, short sales are pretty challenging to find, and it can also make the overall procedure lengthy and cost the buyer extra money in closing fees. Also, such properties are usually in shabby conditions; hence flipping might be more expensive in such scenarios.

Network In Your Community

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It is never a bad idea to gain significant knowledge from networking amongst your community. Though it is not guaranteed that you will gain information on how to find houses to flip, it can still offer you some great leads. You can find ongoing real estate deals worth your investment through your community.

Consequently, a perfect way to connect with realtors and real estate investors who are experts in offering valuable information is to join your community’s real estate investment groups. It is an ideal option for getting a great deal. Plus, networking with the industry’s experts can be fun and informative.


When dealing with direct sellers, you work directly with the property owner rather than a bank or a real estate agent. Most such properties are not listed on the market; instead, you directly connect with the prospective seller to make a deal.

One method to navigate such direct-to-seller properties is to drive around and look for houses that require some exterior work or whose gardens or lawns are in bad condition. This implies that owners will need a hefty amount to maintain their property value. By doing so, you can directly contact the owner and make an offer for their property.

Secondly, to find out about market properties, you can put pamphlets or signs on telephone poles or gardens that say, “we purchase houses” or “we pay cash for houses.” Make sure to leave your contact information on the pamphlets. It will assist you in getting connected with homeowners who want to sell their property quickly and do not want to link with an agent.

Now that you’ve learned about finding houses to flip, let’s go over “how long does it take to flip a house?”

How Long Does It Take To Flip A House?

a man painting a house wall

Generally, a house flipping procedure requires around 4 to six months, including selling and purchasing.

Do You Need A Real Estate License To Flip Houses?

The rising popularity of the house flipping business has made many people question, “Do you need a real estate license to flip houses? Or if they don’t get one, is it still worth getting a permit or not?

Generally, you need a real estate agent license if you want to flip houses. If you are considering this business for the long term, it is best to get a license.

Now that you know “how to find houses to flip, it is crucial to know that when conducting your research, always ensure what costs you may incur when investing in good properties that offer you great returns on your money and time.

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