Having an air conditioning system in your office isn’t a luxury. In fact, to keep employees productive and comfortable, this is a necessity. To install air condition in your office is a wise decision. Depending on where you’re from, there can be dry seasons in the year when the temperature gets unbearable, and this factor shouldn’t get in the way of a productive day in the office.

So, if you’re setting up your office space, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make has to do with the air conditioning system you’ll use. There are so many brands, types, and features you can choose from. You have to weigh these all out to ensure you end up with the air conditioning system that best works for your office space. Most importantly, you’ll also be able to get the installation right!

Here’s a quick guide on how to install air condition in your office space:

Collect As Much Information As You Can During The Office Visit

Collect As Much Information As You Can During The Office Visit

Before an install air conditioning will finally set up your office’s system, an initial visit will be made. This is to inspect your office as to which areas to place the air conditioning units on and even more pressing matters, like the ductwork and electrical lines.

It pays to be present during these visits. You should be able to collect as much information as you can to ensure that an accurate proposal can be made. Keeping yourself well-informed will also keep you in the loop as to the installation, so you’ll know what goes on every step of the installation process.

The more information you know, the better you’ll also be able to choose, factually, what options are best for your office. These can include matters like comparing a PTAC heat pump vs electric heat, among other related matters when it comes to your AC installation.

Factor In Your Office’s Size

As you go through the process of searching for AC units and sizes to install in your office, above anything else, be sure to factor in the office’s size. Your AC units should be strong enough to power your office space, size-wise. Also, you shouldn’t have to buy any bigger than what you need; else, in the long run, you’re also making your office inefficient with your energy consumption.

Factor In Your Office’s Size

Consider Your Budget

Like any buyer, even if this is for your business or office space, it’s still important to factor in the budget. Your AC system shouldn’t be one you couldn’t afford. This budgetary matter doesn’t only refer to the installation costs, but also the upkeep and maintenance.

Once the AC is installed, this becomes a fixed expense, on top of your utilities. If you aren’t careful about the cost factor, your AC unit may get in the way of your office’s profits.

The key here is to ensure that the cost is proportionate to the size and features you need for your office. It’s not about settling for the cheapest option all the time. Otherwise, this cheapest option may not also be the most cost-effective one. You may also fall into the trap of poor-quality units that’ll have to be replaced regularly, simply because you’re too focused on getting the cheapest price.

Assess The Energy Efficiency

A reputable AC system installer should also be able to give you insights on which AC systems are the most energy-efficient. It pays to go for those options as well.

It’s for this reason that it’s best to first go through at least three installers before finally giving your resounding yes to a chosen installer. By doing so, you can give yourself that guarantee of finding the best one, not just in terms of the price and the quality, but also an installer who’s honest enough to give you insights on the most energy-efficient options.

Energy-efficiency is a very important factor to consider because you’re using the AC to cool your office space. This means the AC will be running the whole time your office is operating. If it isn’t an energy-efficient option, you may end up with skyrocketing utility bills.

Choose A Quality Installer

Choose A Quality Installer

Your AC unit can only work as well as it’s been installed. If your chosen installer isn’t doing a quality job, then your AC system won’t function well enough. As you choose a quality system, it’s important to also choose to work with a reputable and quality installer.

Go through their documents, permits, and licenses. Always work with a licensed installer, else, if anything goes wrong, it’s going to be hard for you to bring up claims. Most importantly, your professional working relationship with the installer won’t just end upon the installation per se. Remember that there’s also the maintenance and the repairs when needed. When you’re working with quality installers, you can move forward with a good working relationship to ensure that even your maintenance is done correctly.


The installation of your office’s air conditioning systems is a major undertaking as you set up your office space. This is something best left to the experts, and, also, it must be given much thought and effort. Otherwise, if you botch the installation, then the AC units themselves can’t function as efficiently and effectively as they should. The guide above can put you on a good start to ensure that your office’s air conditioning units are properly installed, and maintained.

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