One study showed that 10.8% of Americans own gold. However, 11.6% of people own silver.

If you’re interested in also owning your own precious metal investments, you might be wondering what the prices are.

Thankfully, there are a few tools you can use to see live precious metal pricing, so keep reading to find out where!

Why Do Prices Fluctuate?

Why Do Prices Fluctuate

The prices of precious metals fluctuate, so the live precious metal prices are always changing. They’re normally priced based on how many people want to invest in them.

However, they can also change depending on different trends, like supply and demand.

The traders will normally determine the spot prices on future exchanges. Years ago, gold really wasn’t worth much, but now that it’s rare, it can be traded for thousands of dollars per ounce.

This is why it’s important to know the exact live price to make sure that you get the most money possible.

Moneycontrol’s Market

The Moneycontrol’s Market is an app that will send you updates in real-time. You can get updates for gold, but it’ll also give you information about the economy, business, and financial markets.

This app is available for free on most platforms.

Gold Price Chart

If you want to buy gold, make sure that you’re using the gold price chart. These precious metal charts will uphold America’s Gold Authority.

It provides customers and the public with information about gold and the trend data. This data goes back for a few decades, so you know it’s sound.

This chart is even interactive, so you can see what the price of gold was in a certain date range. You’ll also be able to see different moving averages that are updated daily.

The chart will also break down how to track gold prices and why it’s fluctuating.

Kcast Gold Live

Kcast Gold Live is another app that you can download on your Android or iOS phone.

This will give you the live precious metal prices, including silver, platinum, and gold prices. You’ll also be able to watch videos, read commentary, and press releases on different websites.

The app will have different market information as well, and you can change the currency on the chart for your specific country as well.

London Bullion Market Association

The London Bullion Market Association is the global authority when it comes to precious metals. This offers gold pricing tracking data as well.

However, you can also see information on silver as well by navigating through their drop-down menu. Even though this is similar to the U.S. Money Reserve platform, it helps to have different avenues of checking your prices.

This also has interactive charts as well. However, the people here process the data differently, so you’ll get a different view of the prices and history.



iBullion is an app that you can only get on Android. This app will give you prices of gold down to the minute.

You’ll see its spot price, the high and low value, and what the prices changes were for the day.

You can adjust it to show different currencies, and you can even set a default currency so that you can save time. To see a new price, all you’ll need to do is refresh the page.

You can even go into your settings and set how often you want the page to refresh automatically.

Market Insider

Market Insider is actually partnered with the famous website Business Insider.

Because of that, this platform has great news options, which makes it different from some of the other resources out there.

You’ll also be able to see charts, historical data, and why the price of gold is valued at the current rate.

There are even links that will take you to new on gold. If you’re someone who wants to stay current with the latest trends in precious metals, this is definitely the platform that you want to use.

CME Group

Lastly, the CME group has the COMEX tool, which many people often use. This will offer you a whole different perspective on precious metals.

For example, you’ll have a really straightforward spot price f gold at the time. The spot price is the market price that gold is being sold or bought for immediate payment.

However, this platform will show you the gold futures as well. Commercial producers or users of gold will use this as a way to determine what the price of gold will be in the future if they want to buy it.

However, the future can be complicated. If you’re new to investing in precious metals, you may want to avoid buying futures for right now.

However, the information they provide can still be helpful. You can use the future to see what people think that the price might be in the future. So when you’re buying gold, you can actually use that information to your advantage to time your gold purchases.

For example, if you see the price of gold is going to go up one day, you might want to sell it. If you see it’s going to drop, you might want to buy some more.

Learn More About Precious Metal Pricing

Learn More About Precious Metal Pricing

These are only a few of the top places to find precious metal pricing, but there are many other places you can look at as well.

We know that making any type of investment can be overwhelming at first, but when in doubt, you should speak with a financial advisor.

If you found this content helpful, explore our website for more information on investing.

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