Are you planning to attend your area’s next trade show and don’t know where to start? This guide is for you. Participating in an exhibition related to your industry gives your business an exciting and exclusive opportunity. This activity allows your business to get out there and get known. Trade shows give you a chance to spread the word to people who are interested in your product. Prior to attending such events, you’ll need to arrange for an exhibition stands, hire space, and source promotional materials. Keep reading this article to learn more about how your business can participate in trade shows.

Seven Steps to Consider When Preparing for Trade Shows

Attend Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show requires prior planning. It is advisable to start planning for this event two to three months before D-Day. Exhibitors are advised not to attend such an event without initial planning. Here are some steps to consider when preparing for a trade show.

#1. Conduct a Research

Exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive, and the need to do prior research to get all the relevant details about the event is not optional. Adequate research will help you know which trade shows are appropriate for your business and help you maximize your return on investment. Besides, research will provide you with essential information about the trade show. These details include the number of businesses expected to exhibit and the expected number of attendees, among others. In addition, you can seek more details about the exhibition you plan to attend by enquiring more information from businesses who have exhibited in previous years.

#2. Note Down All Your Attention Points

As an exhibitor, you need to look out for ways you can attract attendees to your stand. For instance, you can use interactive methods such as touch screens to gather customer data, survey, or demonstrate a product. You can also choose burners, create a contest or have giveaways. Furthermore, you should choose a unique, eye-catching, and engaging theme. Lastly, ensure your marketing messages are precise, appealing, and informative.

#3. Go for an Ideal Booth Location

When you hear of an exhibition that interests you, you should register early enough. This action will help you select the most suitable booth location with high footfall. Such locations include areas along restaurants, busy intersections, and next to the entrance or exit. Also, you can install your stand next to industrial leaders, as they will likely draw traffic to their booth. With such traffic and an eye-catching booth, clients will definitely check out what you offer.

Participate at Trade Shows

#4. Develop a Budget

Participating in a trade show requires you to have a budget in place. This budget should be established several months before signing up for trade shows. A reasonable budget will guide you on the exhibitions your company can afford to participate in as you lay out all the necessary steps. In addition, a budget takes into account all factors, such as travel costs, buying event space, and preparation of other marketing materials like banners and fliers.

#5. Set a Marketing Strategy

A trade show marketing strategy will help you align with your company’s goals. It helps you attract attendees and achieve your objectives easily. A well-written marketing strategy notes the product or service you want to highlight during the event. Also, it promotes your brand, shows where you differ from your competitors, and the value you can provide.

#6. Choose the Right Team

You must have the right team at a trade show to ensure smooth operation. The team should be an excellent reflection of your business, so you need to create a positive reflection of your company. Depending on your budget, you can hire PR firms with vast experience performing promotional activities. In addition, generating quality leads during the day requires your experienced sales team to be available. Or, if you deal with technology, bring along the most qualified staff with technical skills to answer any technical concerns about your product.

#7. Re-check Everything

Trade Show

After a long preparation process, re-check all logistical processes. Ensure all items needed for your exhibition stand are present. Besides, proofread your marketing and promotional materials to ensure that they contain the correct information. As a result, this material should be sufficient to hand out to interested attendees.


Participating in trade shows requires planning. Also, it is an excellent way to generate leads, build relationships, and promote your business. By following the above five steps, you can maximize your trade show investment and increase your chances of success.

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