If you’re a business that serves a specific geographic area, then you need to invest in local search engine optimization. When a customer types a search query that includes geographic information or Google tracks their location, then then your business is visible not only in the search results but also in the local three-pack above the search results.

Many digital marketing companies have local SEO packages, but how do you know what your business needs? We created this guide to help you understand what aspects a local SEO service should include to grow your business.

If you want to be seen by customers and want more calls and emails, then make sure these are part of your package.

Local SEO Packages: Google My Business

Invest In SEO

One of the most important features of local SEO doesn’t even happen on your website. Google My Business is a business directory owned by Google. They use it for much of the information used for the Local Three-Pack, which is valuable digital real estate.

If you want to be seen, then make sure every aspect is filled out. It should include your business name, address, phone, email, pictures, and more. The more complete your Google My Business profile, the better your chance of being seen in the Local Three-pack.

If your SEO plans include Google My Business creation, then you’ve got a good company.

Localized Keywords


Google does a good job of ranking you in your city of residence, but it’s harder for outlying areas you service. The best way to notify Google of this is by using localized keywords throughout your web copy and blogs.

When Google bots crawl your page, they’ll see these city names along with standard keywords and recognize they are related. It helps you rank for these cities. Be careful of creating specific pages for cities because Google may consider it a doorway page.

These are pages designed to rank for a specific keyword but don’t provide information or value. Instead, it focuses on sending people to other areas of the site.

Google Map Integration

Google Map

Google likes to use its own resources to track information about your business. The Google Map widget available for WordPress and many other platforms shows Google exactly where you’re located. This eliminates any chances of misunderstanding.

Without it, Google bots must use your site content to know where you’re located. They may be confused if you have multiple locations or include addresses for other areas. The Google Map widget provides exact location details and is a great resource for your customers.

Local SEO Marketing Is Essential

Digital marketing agencies provide several local SEO packages, but if they don’t include these aspects, then find out why. Local SEO is vital to the growth of your business.

You likely have fierce competition for your business niche, so make sure people in your area see you at the top of the search results and the Local Three-Pack.

If you want to know more about local SEO, then please explore our site.

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