Most CBD users and non-users have very little information concerning this product. Some are of the assumption that CBD gets you high to the sky. While some think that CBD is illegal. All these assumptions surrounding CBD Flower UK usage may be misleading hence, the reason why you need to research and get more information on this wonder substance.

Major Facts About CBD

1. CBD Does Not Get You High


The first myth that should be stamped out is one that states that CBD gets you high just like THC since it is a cannabinoid. It has low intoxicating levels hence; it only makes you relax and eases the tension of your mind and body. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids, however; THC is the psychoactive substance that brings the high that most people relate with marijuana. CBD functions on a whole different level.

2. Currently There Is A Gray Area Surrounding The Legality Of CBD


The farm bill passed in 2018 has some gaps when it comes to explaining the full legality of hemp. The act states that hemp and all products derived from it are legal under federal law. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, CBD is not on the list of controlled substances. However, section 10113 of the farm bill states that hemp cannot have components exceeding 0.3 % of THC. The FDA has also not legalized CBD supplements. The agency wants more time and information so that they can come up with relevant regulations and guidelines on distribution marketing and consumption of such products. Therefore, currently, there is confusion among these laws and regulations. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved soon. However, the FDA has been more involved and has employed researchers to handle the wide area of cannabinoids.

3. There Are Two Main Ways Of CBD Extraction


CBD extraction is mostly done from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant through heat extraction or solvent ways. With the heat extraction methods steam is used to gently extract the CBD oil while in the solvent method solvents such as carbon dioxide, butane, and ethanol are used to separate the components from the plant. The method used for extracting CBD oil definitely impacts its quality. Hemp is a plant with many amazing compounds but also delicate. Compounds such as Terpene are useful and need to be maintained during the extraction. Therefore, the process used should not interfere with such compounds, or else the product will be less efficient.


The FDA has not come up with regulatory standards that CBD products must achieve thus; it is up to the consumers to ensure they buy the right product from the right company. Before making any purchase ensure you opt for sellers with an independent third-party testing body, ask about the extraction method whether it’s solvent-based, and the chemicals used in the solvent process. Ask if the products have been isolated or the oil is full spectrum. Full-spectrum oil means you get all nutrients from hemp. Most importantly, watch out for the brand name and its reputation.

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