November 18th Issue

Terrorism Is Faithless

Extremist groups resort to brainwashing and bribery to gain followers
 The brutal nature and wide geographic scope of the terror attacks by Daesh in recent weeks that killed over 400 innocent people in Sinai, Beirut, Baghdad and Paris have once again sparked a frantic quest by befuddled intelligence agencies and analysts throughout the world to answer several important and related questions: Why do these Muslims kill in the name of their religion? Why do they strike at home and abroad? What do they want? How should the world deal with them? I was in the United States on 9/11 and watched first-hand the perplexed response to Al Qaeda’s criminal attacks among the American public and political circles. Its main fault then, which we may be seeing repeated in the response to Daesh today in France and other countries, is to emphasize the Islamic religious dimen (Read More)

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The Battle Within

Muslims must unite to defeat Daesh BY Sunny Hundal “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel…

Among The [Dis]Believers

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In The Eye Of The Storm

BY Safa Joudeh Over the past month, two separate attacks on on scores of tourists have taken place on Egyptian…

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Diabetes, A Bitter Illness

WHO says that diabetes can be prevented BY Dr. Ala Alwan The number of people suffering from diabetes in the Middle…