Noverber 2nd Issue

Lebanon’s 13th President

How General Michel Aoun won the presidency  By Marlene Khalife  With a majority of 83 votes, 36 white papers, and cameo nominations for Zorba the Greek and Lebanese Forces MP Strida Geagea, MP Michel Aoun, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement’s (FPM) parliamentary bloc became Lebanon’s 13th president since its independence from France, seven decades ago. After a political vacuum in the country for 30 months and political bickering that has brought Lebanon’s institutions to a near standstill, the Lebanese people can finally look up to some sense of normalcy now that the country has elected its president. And as hopes for a sense of normalcy grow, there was nothing normal in the parliamentary session that was held to elect Lebanon’s president. An unprecedented four voting rounds took place during the parliamentary session to elect the president on Monday, October 31. Aoun needed a two-third majority (Read More)

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Down Time

Lebanon’s Angel of Mercy

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