October 12th Issue

You Can’t Please Everyone

The U.N. humanitarian mission in Syria is constantly scrutinized by the rebels and the regime. By Nour Samaha It is considered one of the most controversial United Nations' missions in recent history, and over the last year it has come under the fire and scrutiny of opposition supporters, who claim it is no longer acting impartially, and is under the influence of the Syrian government. These accusations have sparked a huge debate, both in the public sphere and within the corridors of the U.N. headquarters in New York, over its role in Damascus, and whether or not it has shed its cloak of neutrality in order to pander to the demands of the Syrian government. At the heart of the issue is Yacoub Hillo, the U.N. Resident Coordinator, Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative who served in Damascus from August 2013 until last month. It is rumored that he will be replaced by Ali Al Zaatari, although t (Read More)

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CAUTION: This is a Satire!

Donald Trump hasn’t won... yet! By Ramsay Short  The Trump Post Your Number 1 selling paper in all of America…


The Berkeley Intifada

The endless conflict in the Middle East roils the hotbed of 1960s radicalism By Alexander Nazaryan For a Palestinian supposedly determined to…

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Healthy Eating

What kind of fuel are you charging your body with? By Bahareh Salmani Some 2,500 years ago, the father of modern medicine…