October 19th Issue

Education: Is It Just A Business?

Parents in the UAE believe many schools have turned education into a business, especially in light of steep tuition fees. By Majdoline Hatoum In a bustling emirate that has unquestionably turned into the Middle East’s main business hub over the past two decades, a growing number of private investors are tapping into Dubai’s education sector—a move that’s proving to be a double ended sword for parents. “On one hand, more schools coming on stream mean better choices for us as parents and a better performance by these schools, as competition will eventually drive them to give their best,” Farah Farhat, a mother of three who has been a long-term resident of Dubai, tells Newsweek Middle East. “But on the other hand this increased investment is resulting in astronomical tuition fees in most of the new schools, making it financially hard for many parents unless a company is footing the bill (Read More)

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Technology in Education

Don’t underestimate technology’s role in personalized learning By Andy Turner It seems that for every generation, schooling can be defined in…

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Humans of Dubai

An Indian high school student in Dubai, plans to start NGOs to help others in the future By Maria Hussain…