October 26th Issue

The Battle for Mosul

Daesh’s leadership flees as the Iraqi army pushes to regain the city By Suadad Al Salhy The policy to fight militant group Daesh in Iraq and Syria was a key part of the third and last U.S. presidential debate, held in Las Vegas on October 19. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made fun of the ample public warning given over the past few weeks, if not months, to Daesh’s leadership ahead of the military offensive to retake Mosul, the largest Daesh-held city in Iraq. For Trump, announcing the offensive ahead of time repeatedly allowed Daesh’s leadership to move out of the city, thus proving an ineffective operation. Though most of Trump’s antics have garnered laughter from not only Americans, but also the world, yet the logic in his statement can only push forward this question: Was he right about the Mosul offensive? THE WARNING (Read More)

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Minority Report: The Tech Life

Advanced wearable devices make exchanging information easier By Leila Hatoum  Walking around Dubai’s GITEX exhibition this year, nothing from the…

The Plight of Kuwaiti Women

Will the upcoming parliament see more female MPs? By Abdullah Alelyan On October 17, Kuwait’s Ruler Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al…

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Lebanon’s Ice Cream King

Lebanon’s best unkept secret By Mostapha Raad Nearly seven decades ago, a young man launched his own sweets parlor on a…