In the United States, there are over 7.5 million construction employees, but only a tiny fraction of them reach the position of General Contractor.

General contractors make far more than the average construction worker. They have knowledge that is far greater as well. Part of this is because general contractor training requires that the candidate already know a lot about each field of construction.

What does it take to become a general contractor?

Where Do You Live?

What it takes to get a general contractors license differs based on what state youโ€™re in. In all states, however, it requires a combination of on the job training, schooling, and test taking. Getting this license is essential for starting a contractor business.

For many general contractors, the path begins early in life. They learn how to be an electrician or plumber, then they move into carpentry or some combination therein. This way a general contractor already has a broad base of knowledge to pull from before they accept the responsibility.

What Do Contractors Do?

Contractors Do

General contractors are responsible for an entire job and its completion. They bring in other skilled laborers to help as needed and subcontract jobs out to other firms. General contractors coordinate all of these efforts as well as acquire supplies and materials for the worksite.

This broad set of skills is why general contractor training is so long and involved. In most states, it requires that a candidate pass a written exam. In many states, education and time worked can be interchangeable depending on what the licensing exam requires.

Example of General Contractor Training Requirements

Training Requirements

There are a few basics that every state requires. Here are the basic requirements you can expect no matter where you live:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Able to legally work in the United States
  • Clean record

Time requirements are often presented in the form of hours. For instance, your state may require that you have a certain number of hours or college credits before you can even take the test. That number of required hours does fluctuate from state to state but is always in the thousands.

There is also a test designed to explore the knowledge of the applicant. An extensive understanding of construction processes can make a job easier and a workplace more efficient. This test doesnโ€™t allow for many wrong answers, so make sure to study up on the test before taking it. Even a few incorrect answers and the test will have to be retaken. There is also a limit on how many times an applicant can take the test, depending on what state theyโ€™re from.

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Contracting And You

Contracting And You

Becoming a contractor is reserved for professionals who are driven to succeed and want construction to be their industry of choice. With dedication and experience reaching that goal is possible. All you need is general contractor training.

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