September 28th Issue

Seeking Peace: GCC States on Regional Conflicts

Arab Gulf states express their frustration and envisage solutions to solve regional conflicts. By Elizabeth Dickinson Their voices were calm and measured, but as Gulf leaders addressed the U.N. General Assembly in New York this week, frustration was palpable. The Middle East today is in flames, and from Syria to Iraq to Yemen and Palestine, the international body meant to resolve global crises is split and deadlocked. Great powers bicker, and the region is left with the unimaginable human consequences. That was the message delegates from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar brought to the United Nations General Assembly’s 71st session in New York (UNGA)—one filled with a mix of exasperation, anger, and even a bit of ‘we told you so.’ Rather than curing the roots of conflicts over the last half-decade, the U.N. Security Council has treated only the gravest symptoms, they argued. It was (Read More)

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It Is Not About Hajj

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Trump: Blind Trust Issues

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Down Time

The Frustration of a Comedian

A tiny house in Canada did not appeal to Aida Sabra BY Mostapha Raad World renowned Lebanese singer Fairouz never imagined…

Snowden, A Love Story

Oliver Stone’s new film aims to humanize the infamous NSA leaker and convince viewers he’s a hero, not a traitor BY…