Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Website redesign

15 seconds.

That’s how long it takes for someone to decide that they no longer want to visit your website. 15 seconds for them to decide they don’t want your products or services.

That means you have 15 seconds to make a good enough impression to keep them on your site to look around and find what you offer.

Is yours good enough? If not, you may be looking at a website redesign. Read on to know if it’s time for you to think about a website rebrand.

It Looks Outdated

Have you ever navigated to a website that looks like it was created when computers first came out? You probably feel a bit disgusted and instantly navigate away.

You may want to hire website redesign services if you feel that your site is like any of those outdated ones. Consider hiring a service like in the near future to help your brand.

Not Responsive

If your website is not responsive, it may be time to redo the website. You may need to consider hiring website services to make sure that your website is responsive to all forms of reaching it (phone, tablet, or desktop).

Because more than 75% of adults own smartphones, a lot of the traffic you will be getting on your site will be from mobile users. If it’s not responsive, they may navigate away. If that’s the case, you could be losing 75% of your website visitors.

Website Rebrand

If you aren’t happy with how your website represents your brand, you may want to consider a website rebrand that matches the feel of your brand.

This could include the fonts you use on your site, the colors, the photos, and the content itself. If you are ready to change this, you will most likely need to change most parts of the website itself.

Site Features Aren’t Working

If any part of your site is not functioning properly, you don’t want to keep it like that. This can make for a poor user experience, which causes people to navigate away from your site.

While you may be able to fix some of the features without redoing the site, some are in the back end and will need to be done during a website redesign.

SEO Strategy

If you were not using an SEO strategy before, you will definitely want to rebrand your website to include keywords, links, and other items that optimize your site for search engines.

Linking internally to blog posts on your site is one great way to keep traffic on the site instead of navigating away. This also helps search engines understand what your site is about to boost it during relevant searches.

Time for a Website Redesign

Have you been thinking about a website redesign for a while? If you have and are also noticing the above signs, it’s time for a website rebrand.

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