As a business owner, it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to look out your office window and see a team of people working for you. Not that you feel powerful, but that you feel good knowing that you are providing these people with a way to make a living and support their families.

Aside from a paycheck, however, there are other ways to make your team happier and more productive. Making office upgrades might not seem that important to you, but if you ask your employees, they’ll let you know how important it would be.

After all, they are the ones having to sit in those chairs, work at those desks, and use those computers all day. Old equipment not only ruins productivity but also dampens the spirits of your employees.

Need some encouragement to finally make those upgrades? Here are five signs it’s time.

1. Manually Adjusting Your Desk

Manually Adjusting Your Desk

Adjustable height desks are awesome. They allow your employees to sit or stand whenever they want, helping to alleviate back problems and fatigue.

But having to crank the desk by hand each time they want to change position is a major hassle. Upgrading to electric desks would be a huge win.

2. Squeaky Chairs

There’s always that one employee who bounces in his chair all day long. And it’s his chair that’s the squeakiest.

If your chairs are old, not only will they be uncomfortable, but they’ll be noisy and annoying. New chairs are one of the first things to get.

3. Your Back Hurts

Does your back hurt when you are at work? You don’t have to deal with it. There’s a number of things you can do to solve this, such as getting the adjustable height desks mentioned earlier, or the new office chairs.

Also, not having computer monitors at eye level can destroy your posture. Get some external monitors and some adjustable monitor stands.

4. Your Computers are Slow

Your Computers are Slow

Slow computers cost you money. Your employees can’t get nearly as much work done. Upgrading computers across the office won’t be cheap, but it will pay you back fast.

5. Your Always Fixing Something

Do you find yourself staying after hours frequently to fix things? Whether it’s Susan’s desk or a faulty internet connection, these issues are wasting your time and money. Having your office professionally outfitted can alleviate many of these problems.

How to Pay for Office Upgrades

If you have a small office, with only a couple of people working inside, it might not cost too much to upgrade your office. But if you have a big office and team, you might be wondering what your funding options are.

After all, replacing dozens of office chairs, desks, computers, phones, and other equipment will put your financial management skills to the test. Luckily, financial help is available. Equipment financing is available to help businesses pay for equipment upgrades.

Otherwise, you may need to upgrade your office slowly over time. Maybe this month you get new desks, and next month you can afford chairs, and so forth. Or look for warehouse sales or used equipment from other businesses that are closing or moving.

Office Upgrades Increase Happiness and Productivity

Office Upgrades Increase Happiness and Productivity

Making office upgrades is a financial investment. But it’s one that will benefit you, your team, and ultimately your bottom line. When your employees are happier, they’ll be more productive.

When they are more productive, they will make your company more money. It’s simple but true.

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