You should know by now that there are countless programs available to help you run a business. The software market has a size of $427 billion, and that number is going up every year.

The problem is knowing where to start. How do you decide which ones will make the most impact with so many options?

Luckily, many small business tools are common among many small businesses. Check out the small business software below to discover what tools every small business owner needs.


web presence

You need a web presence if you run a business these days. Most consumers start their search for products online. If your company doesn’t show up during those searches, getting new customers is hard.

WordPress makes creating that web presence easy. Most web hosts can set up a WordPress website with a few clicks of a button. You can then grab a free or paid theme to set up a design without spending a ton of cash on a web designer.

Of course, you can always hire a designer if you want a unique website design.

Google Docs

Collaboration is one of the most vital parts of business operations. Your team needs a way to share information and keep everything in the loop about big changes. Google Docs gives you that ability.

Google Docs is a cloud document management system. You can create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and everything else you can with standard desktop office software.

The good thing about Google Docs is the ability to access everything online. That means people can access company documents from anywhere in the world.

meeting software


Having great meeting software is a must for companies today. Whether you have employees who work from home or business contacts worldwide, you need a way to meet to discuss critical business details.

While conference calls are a way to accomplish this, there is a better option today. That option is Zoom.

Zoom allows you to video conference with anyone in the world. You can get face-to-face contact and share your desktop to give presentations that everyone can see.

Adobe Invoice Creator

Getting paid is one of the first things you need to figure out as a business owner. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to create a system for tracking unpaid accounts. That’s where invoices help.

business owner

You can use invoices to assign tracking numbers to companies. This gives you a way to quickly lookup who’s paid their invoices and who still owes your company money. Adobe Invoice Creator is considered the best invoice generator online, so check into using it for your future invoices.

Invest in Small Business Tools Today

You can’t afford to keep doing things the hard way when you have so much to do in a business. Luckily, many small business tools are available that will take some of the work off your shoulders and focus on more important work. The above are some of the best tools for small business, so try them today to see if they work well for your needs.

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