Did you know that 89% of companies have started sending an annual employee survey? The purpose of the survey is to help the human resource department (HR) determine if there are any problem areas and what they can fix to increase retention.

Managing your employees and keeping them happy is essential for any business. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the four tips to help streamline your human resource department.

1. Audit Existing Processes

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When trying to improve your human resource system, it may feel overwhelming to know where to start. The best place to start is by reviewing all the processes you have in place in your company’s employee lifecycle.

These processes may include:

  • Recruitment and applications
  • New employee onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Health benefits
  • Time off tracking
  • Performance Reviews
  • Training
  • Offboarding

You don’t need to consider each process individually; there is software that can help you store this information and automate processes. HRIS stands for human resource information system.

You can use this software to help manage policies, procedures, and people to streamline your processes and provide the best possible service to your employees.

2. Start Using The Cloud

When it comes to human resources, business software should be your friend. Recruiting can be a stressful process that involves looking at hundreds of resumes and trying to find the right fit for the role and the company culture.

It would be best if you looked to store everything on the cloud instead of asking for paper resumes and having to sift through them after each interview. There are also advanced search functions where if you have a lot of resumes, you can search for specific keywords and pull resumes that have those in there.

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3. Employee Self-Service

You want to make sure you respond timely to all employees, but you may be getting asked the same questions. You can create a page that holds all the FAQs, paystubs, benefits, HR policy handbook, etc.

This software allows employees to update their address if it changes or direct deposit information. They can also submit expenses, access W2s, and other information that they might need throughout working at your business.

This will help employees feel empowered andΒ in control of their payments, tax information, and more.

4. Path For Growth

When interviewing for jobs, many will ask how they can grow at the company and if there’s a clear path for growth. This is extremely important to employees, and you should have clear stepping stones and pay levels for people to be evaluated yearly.

You can start by creating a path for growth for entry-level employees and work your way up from there.

your human resource

Streamline Your Human Resource Department Today

Now that you have all the top tips to streamline your human resource department, you can dive in and start evaluating your processes today.

You should audit all your existing processes and automate where you can start using more cloud software to save you time, create an employee self-service portal, and ensure clear paths for growth at every level.

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