Men’s fashion is becoming bolder and more unique, whether it is clothing, shoes, or accessories (sunglasses included!). New-age men know how to upgrade their dressing sense in the best viable way with the right pair of shades. Be it wayfarers, aviators, hexagons, rounds, and squares, goggles for men are becoming the IT fashion accessory.

With the right sunglasses, you can not only be the shining star at any party but also throw the right amount of shade at people. As for women, sunglasses for men too have become a rage. They are the must-have accessory that can make or break your look.

When it comes to men, they like to keep it sophisticated and classy. Working hard and partying, even more, is their mantra to live. To mix things up, we have compiled a list of sunglasses for men that are perfect for that much-needed morning to evening look. So, if you are all set to feel like a weekend on the weekday, here are your top picks!

Best Sunglasses For Men

Gray Square Men Sunglasses

Grey Square Men Sunglasses

For Professional Employee Turned Serial Chiller

If you are someone who likes to transform your look from office to party, these sunglasses for men are your go-to pick. Make your schedule clear in the morning meeting and dance moves sharp by night with these gray square sunglasses. The trendy frame doubles up as your professional best friend and makes you look intense.

Gold Wayfarer Men Sunglasses

Gold Wayfarer Men Sunglasses

For The One Who Parties Like A Celebrity

If your laptop screens make your eyes look tired and weary for the post-office party, you need to party like a celebrity. Yes, you read it right. Take cues from your favorite Bollywood stars and walk a mile in their shoes. When pulled off with confidence, goggles at night make you steal all the spotlights.

Black Square Men Sunglasses

Black Square Men Sunglasses

For The One Who Is Always Up For Late Nighters

Black is always in and always in a rage. Never have a dull party moment with these black square sunglasses for men. If you are up all night and love to party with your best work gang, show up wearing these super cool shades and surprise them with your charismatic looks.

Blue Square Men Sunglasses

Blue Square Men Sunglasses

For The Party Leader

If you like partying post-work as much as you enjoy participating in office calls, then you just landed on the right pair. These classic gold wayfarers will amp up your office look and make you look enchanting by night. Why wait up till night to show off your fun self? These super cool Blue Square Sunglasses for men with orange-tinted glasses and your crisp fashion sense are a heaven-made match. Pair these sunnies with your trendy work wear, or match and mix it up with your relaxed style. Either way, you are going to rock that party.

When choosing the right pair of sunglasses, you must consider the occasion you will sport your favorite pair of sunnies. While fashion trends allow you to model whatever suits your style, choosing the one that compliments your style choice for the evening is essential.

Finally, here’s another piece of advice: always choose a lightweight frame with decent quality lenses, regardless of the shape of the eyeglasses you choose. Going for lenses that offer UV/UVX ray protection is always recommended.

Visit the nearest Titan Eyeplus and Fastrack showrooms and enjoy the vast collection of stylish sunglasses for men. Try on some of the hottest eyewear to see which one you think is perfect for you.

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