Cocaine is one of the most commonly used drugs on the planet and over the years it’s only grown in popularity becoming rife in all four corners, and from young to old. There’s a crisis when it comes to the usage of the drug, with cocaine addiction becoming a huge problem, particularly for those in white-collar and hospitality industries.

Many people associate cocaine addiction and usage with major cities such as London and Paris, the heartbeat of countries where it’s fast-paced and big decisions are made. Get caught lagging and you’re out. This is true, but cocaine abuse is more prevalent outside of big cities than you perhaps realize.

A study has unveiled the cocaine capitals of Europe, based upon the amount seized by authorities and you might be surprised by the results. So, where exactly are the cocaine capitals of Europe? Keep reading to find out.

Cocaine Capitals Of Europe



At number one it’s Belgium. Despite being one of the smaller countries in Europe, with a population of just 11.56 million, more cocaine has been seized than anywhere else, with around 65,247kg over a year period.


The Netherlands, a country only slightly smaller than Belgium in terms of population, has a similar crisis with cocaine, and the two neighboring nations see a significant amount more cocaine seized than anywhere else.

A total of 43,836kg has been seized across a year in the country, almost 30,000 more than the nation in third position.


man holding cocaine pouch

That slightly dubious honor goes east and over to Romania, where a total of 16,156kg of cocaine was seized by the Romanian Police over a yearly period, according to a study from Statista.


Not far behind Romania is France, a nation with a population of just over 67 million people saw a total of 15,761kg of cocaine seized and more recently, there have been a number of reports noting the rapid rise in consumption in the country, as well as having to deal with an influx coming in from Caribbean territories.



Portugal completes the top five cocaine capitals of Europe, with around 10 and a half thousand kilograms of cocaine being seized in the country. Like France, the country is currently amidst a battle in trying to fight back against what has been described as a “blizzard of cocaine” in the last few months, with the nation now a major drug entry and transit hub for Europe.

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