It is a beautiful Sunday morning. Your kid is peacefully watching his favorite Blippi video on YouTube. You are sipping your freshly made cup of coffee while your kid hums the names of the colors along with Blippi. Life is good.

The point being, kids have are now attached to the internet like they have started confiding in it. From entertainment to education, everything is there on the internet. Therefore, the kids turn to this incredible piece of technology whenever they feel sad, anxious, or curious. If your child is best friends with the internet, then it is crucial for you as a parent to look for an Internet Service Provider that is both reliable and efficient like Optimum.

Doing so will enhance your child’s learning experience and will help them grasp concepts in an interesting way. According to a study, children grasp most of the important concepts outside the classroom. The major reason for this is ‘interaction’. It is a fact that humans quickly comprehend things through action. What we are trying to say is that learning passively does not really go well with them. So isn’t it a good idea to bring that ‘outside’ into our very own classrooms?

What is the one thing that can assist the teachers in achieving that? Yes, you guessed it. Technology is that magic wand that can take care of many things both inside and outside the classroom. It also promotes diligent engagement as well as communication that in turn helps in boosting the morale of the children. Students can easily revisit particular topics, go further into them, test concepts, and get feedback thanks to interactive learning.

One of a teacher’s most essential objectives is to foster students’ creative thinking and to equip them with the attitude necessary to overcome obstacles with original and unique solutions. Keeping this in mind it is crucial to maintain the kids’ motivation so they can absorb all of the information teachers impart.

Ways to use technology to motivate students

smart technology to motivate students

There are many ways to boost a child’s motivation with the help of technology. Some of them are listed below. Put on your reading glasses and start taking notes.

1.  Educational videos

Educational or informative videos are a very good way to increase a child’s learning motivation. This is a very important and successful approach. We are saying this because; several students are avid visual learners. They pick on concepts that appeal to their eyes.

Instead of just describing and explaining things, using YouTube videos to help teach a subject is a more successful teaching strategy. There are numerous options easily available for teachers to choose from while creating or searching for educational movies online.

‘Welcome to Baldi’s basics, with educational learning’. You might be familiar with this song if you are a parent of a 10-year-old. Baldi sure can help your kid score well in his or her math exam.

2.  Independent research

Using Google Chrome, students can now easily research topics that play with their minds. They can read various articles or watch videos of teachers that explain concepts without charging any money. They can also connect with other students or seniors, who can help them in solving their queries.

Independent research not only opens up a child’s mind but also gives them hope that everything is possible and that they can find answers to all their queries online. It also polishes their research skills that will help them in preparing an eye-catching, informative thesis in the long run.

3.  Classroom games

Classroom games

A variety of instructional games are available that let students put what they have learned in the classroom into practice. In actuality, playing video games in the classroom is one of the best ways to use technology and is no longer viewed as being detrimental to the pupils. Students that play instructional games are more willing to learn and are driven by competitiveness.

Since technology has become so popular and because today’s kids are more tech-savvy than ever, it is crucial to incorporate it into the classroom. A good teacher can never be replaced by technology in the classroom. However, a great teacher and responsible use of technology in the classroom, can produce even better educational outcomes.

4.  Interactive podcasts

Teachers can effectively make use of podcasts instead of making the students read lengthy reading materials. This would help in making the classroom environment less boring and lead to greater engagement and interaction. In simpler words, more students will stay awake and participate if teachers include a few interesting podcasts in between the tedious reading assignments.

5.  E-books and Audiobooks


Students occupy themselves with a number of activities outside the classroom. They usually watch TV shows or movies on their tablet between extracurricular commitments or sign up for an online gaming platform with their buddies. Having them try an e-book or audiobook as an alternative to these technological uses could be a terrific method to encourage kids to read.

Children have access to a large assortment of e-books thanks to e-readers. In fact, students were drawn to e-books because they were already comfortable using tablets and could interact with the text in a number of ways thanks to embedded videos, images, as well as interactive graphics.

Final words

The internet has changed our way of living. We are all dependent on this piece of technology. Students, adults, and professionals, all rely on this blessing to carry out their daily activities. Hence, in order to survive in this digital world, we all need to pull up our socks and adapt to new technological advancements. This is the only path to success. If you are a teacher, we would strongly advise you to incorporate all of these methods in your classrooms; they will surely help you in enhancing your relationship with the students.

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