Knowing your horsewear is a must if you ride or keep horses. Horsewear is essential to keep our hoofed companions comfortable and safe all year round, from the harsh conditions of the winter to the warm, dry conditions of the summer. There is a range of different products available for our four-legged friends from exercise wear to travel wear, horse stable rugs to summer fly sheets. Knowing the difference between them will help you to decide which is best suited for you and your horseโ€™s needs. Here are a few things that you probably didnโ€™t know about horsewear.

Horsewear Facts

1. Turnout Rugs Can Be Used All Year Round

Turnout rugs can be used all year round

These rugs are perfect for protecting your horse from the elements. They are ideal for use in competitions as well as for leisure. Turnout rugs are available in different weights including lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. As a rule, lightweight rugs should be used in the summer to keep your horse sheltered from the showers but allow them to remain cool. Heavyweight rugs should be used for the winter, to keep your horse cozy and middleweight rugs are great all year round. There is a rug to suit all seasons!

2. Fly Sheets Protect Horses From Pesky Insects

Fly sheets protect horses from pesky insects

In the summer months, youโ€™ll find that your horse can end up irritated by flies and mosquitos. Lightweight fly sheets allow your horse time in their field without the worry of nuisance bug bites. The sheet’s lightweight properties ensure that your horse can keep cool but stay protected too.

3. Summer Sheets Come With UV Protection

As humans, we know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun. Just like the sunburn we suffer, the same can happen to your horse. When they are spending time outdoors in the summer, it is important to protect them from the sunโ€™s rays. Fly sheets are available with UV protection, to make sure your horse doesnโ€™t end up with a bleached coat or worse, blistered skin. These sheets are great when it comes to the summer, protecting from insects and the elements.

4. Exercise Sheets Are Made To Be Durable

Exercise sheets are perfect for keeping your horse dry and warm when out and about in their field or on a ride. Made from breathable and waterproof fabric as well as having a polyester lining to prevent any friction or rubbing that may be uncomfortable for your horse. Waterproof sheets have an outer Teflon coating and are often stain-resistant. They are designed to withstand their conditions and make for a sturdy solution when your horse is outdoors.

5. Horse Boots Are Great For Traveling

Horse boots are great for travelling

Horses can sometimes find it hard to keep their balance when being transported. Investing in a pair of good-quality horse boots can ensure that your horse is protected from any knocks or scrapes they might have when traveling. Choosing a well-fitting, breathable fabric will allow your horse to travel even with wet legs.

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