A move to an assisted living facility, or another senior care community can be difficult for older adults, but it can also be an adjustment for family members. If you are used to your parents being in their own home, visiting regularly, and spending a lot of time with your children, the move might take some getting used to. One thing that you might be worried about is taking your children to visit. The good news is, taking your children to visit their grandparents can be good for everyone, and even help to cheer up the rest of the community. Here are some tips to help that first visit run smoothly.

Creating Meaningful Connection: Tips for Visiting Grandparents

Visit Grandparents

Make Plans for the Visit

If your loved one is living in or moving to an Atlanta-based assisted living facility with lots to do and see, there’ll be plenty to do during your visit, and it’s worth making a plan. Speak to your loved ones beforehand and ask what they’d like to show you. Talk about what you can do on the grounds, where you can go to eat, and even places in the surrounding area the kids might like to visit. But also plan for some quiet time with a board game or movie, so that you don’t overwhelm anyone.

Know What to Expect

If you’ve never visited before you might not know what to expect, which means that you can’t answer your children’s questions. Make sure to speak with your loved one about where you can go, what their home is like, and whether any areas will be off-limits to the kids.

Respect Your Parents Routines

Routines can be important to older people. A good routine can help with medication, sleep, and digestion, as well as with maintaining a social life. So, try not to interrupt your visits. A quick visit after work might appeal to you, but will it be okay for them?

Meet Grandparents

Pack Activities

Even if there’s plenty to do, there might be times when you want to relax, chat with your parents without the kids, or when the kids get a little bored. So, pack things like board games, books, and electronics.

Get Outdoors

Getting outdoors can help the kids to burn off some energy and excitement, break the ice, and give their parents a chance to show their family off to their new friends and neighbors. Try to visit when the weather is good so that you can all go out for a walk and play outside with the kids. You might even be able to enjoy a picnic.

Expect Some Nerves

Children can feel anxious about visiting new places, even if they are excited about seeing a loved one. Expect some nerves and try to answer their questions and reassure them as much as possible.

Visiting Grandparents

Don’t Rush

A quick visit might be okay for you, but if you are taking the kids, try not to rush. This can make your loved one feel like a burden or something to fit into your busy life. Make sure you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy being together as a family.

A move to assisted living can give your older parent a much better quality of life, and nothing will improve this more than spending time with their family in their new home.

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