It is almost impossible to run a business with employees without any proper place where you can gather to work as a team. If your business model does not include lots of employees and is entirely remote, then perhaps working from home will be enough. However, it does get challenging when you are running a small business even with 10-15 employees/team members without a proper space to work together. Meeting up at homes or cafes is never enough, as there are costs to that and lack of proper facilities. Many businesses are low on budget or want to cut costs while having a decent place to work at. This is where co-working spaces can help you out.

co-working spaces can help you out

The majority of the new startups and small size businesses use co-working spaces as their first-ever proper working places. However, you cannot expect you and your team to just show up at any co-working space. You will need to go through criteria and a bunch of considerations when choosing the space. This is because the environment you are working in will impact your productivity, efficiency, and even motivation levels.

For starters, let’s quickly list down some of the best co-working spaces you will likely find in your area.

  • Knotel
  • Industrious
  • Regus
  • WeWork
  • Impacthub
  • Next Space
  • Techspace

Tips For Choosing A Co-working Space

1. Is The Location Convenient For All?

First and foremost is this big question about where the co-work space is located and if all your team members can access it easily. It should be in a central location where all your employees can reach easily. Commute costs can add to the demotivating factors for your team and the overall budget as well. Therefore, choose something that is not too distant from some employees and too close to other employees, as that may cause unfairness within the team.

2. Communicate About The Needs With Your Employees/Team

Communicate about the needs with your employees

Remember that you are not going to be using the co-work space all by yourself. Therefore, before you make this huge decision for your employee, communicate with them first. Ask them what they look for in a workplace, and what part of their jobs will require certain amenities. For example, some employees might feel the need for printers and scanners, so check if the co-working space has that on the plate. Next, ask your team if they would want a place where they get a fixed spot to sit but not much freedom to move around when needed. Do they want a small outdoor spot at the workplace? Do any of them smoke and need a smoking area?

Other things like heaters, water dispensers, power backups, and food places nearby that every person will mostly need. So, you must check whether or not the co-working space has these. Out of all, the internet is an unsaid necessity that everybody now needs for their business and is extremely crucial.

3. Is There A Good Internet?

Of course, any business is going to need a good internet connection. You cannot carry your own personal internet devices or cellular networks as that will increase your costs and inconvenience. The place should be equipped with cheap fast internet, and should also guarantee internet security all the while.

4. Surroundings Of The Co-work Space

Surroundings Of The Co-work Space

Before you go ahead and check out the co-work space’s internal environment, check its external environment. Check if space has any good and affordable food places nearby where you and your team get lunch from. Also, check what other types of commercial or residential buildings are, and how they impact the environment. The volume of traffic, outside noise, availability of public transport and taxis, all these are going to impact your experience working there. Things like crime rates in the area, chances of burglary and theft, safety for women at night are also very important.

5. Is The Space Secure?

Speaking of security around the workplace, check if the co-working space itself is secure or not. There will be many times when you or your teammates will have to leave their desks with items like laptops and their personal belongings to attend meetings or for lunch breaks. For this, make sure the office has security cameras to keep check on everyone as well as a security team keeping surveillance. Other facilities like cabinets and lockers are also crucial if your work’s nature requires you to carry valuable items like laptops and confidential documents.

6. Take A Quick Survey Of The Environment

The next most important consideration is checking the inside environment. Take a quick survey of the lighting: is it bright, too dark, or too unevenly lit. Check if the place has windows, so that there is good and healthy airflow, and does it allow sunlight to enter at day time. These factors impact your mood and productivity, help you keep check of the time, and is also good for overall motivation levels. Check if the place gets cleaned regularly, and it has a clean washroom facility.

Bottom Line

All of the questions mentioned can help you choose the most suitable and convenient workplace at a low budget. You can always give suggestions to your choice of co-working space, so they can make improvements and make the workplace better for their customers. Make sure the space is equipped with the best internet plan from buytvinternetphone, so that you can ensure a productive workflow for your team.

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