Solutions for Safekeeping: 3 Types of Storage Services Available

Types of storage

There are more than 1.6 million square feet of available storage in the United States. There’s a growing trend among homeowners and renters where they need to downsize their living space.

They opt for storage solutions instead. It’s not just consumers who are looking for storage units. Businesses need storage for files, inventory, and equipment.

That may leave you to wonder about the different types of storage available. It turns out there are many types of storage, you can trust to get your goods in the right storage unit.

You just have to learn what those types of storage solutions are. Fortunately, you’re in the perfect spot to find out.

Read on to learn what you need to know about storage units.

1. Self-Storage

The most common form of storage unit is self-storage. This is where you get a unit between 5’ x 5’ and 20’ x 20’. This targets residential customers, such as homeowners and renters.

Small businesses take advantage of self-storage as well to store files and items that aren’t needed at the office.

With self-storage units, your unit might be outdoors or climate controlled. You can store pretty much anything, from bikes and jet skis to furniture that won’t fit in your home.

2. Industrial Storage

There are businesses, municipalities, and farms that need to store large quantities of liquids and other items. For example, a dairy farm needs to have the capacity to store milk in bulk. They may also need to store wheat and grains.

The oil and gas industry has to store oil in large tanks that won’t break down the product while in storage.

There’s a need to store water in tanks. It’s necessary to protect the environment from wastewater and to maintain a supply of potable water.

These types of storage solutions require a deep understanding of the requirements to store delicate supplies like grain and oil. Follow this page to learn more about these types of storage units.

3. Warehouse Storage

Ecommerce sales have gone through the roof over the last few years. Businesses made the switch to ecommerce, which means they need to manage inventory.

Warehouse storage solutions work with businesses to store inventory. Some expanded their services to offer logistics and order fulfillment solutions.

A small business just has to send the inventory to the warehouse. When the customer places an order, the logistics provider pulls the item out of storage, packages it, and ships it.

Understanding the Different Types of Storage Units

Storage units are a convenient way to keep important items safe and secure while you’re not using them. They can help you maintain inventory and deliver the best products to your customers.

The different types of storage units listed here help you understand what type of storage solutions you need, whether you need to store recreational equipment or large industrial tanks.

Now that you know the types of storage solutions, head over to the home page of this site for more helpful business tips.

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