There is no way denying the fact that backlinks rates to one of the top three parameters governing rankings of Google. This is something that is not expected to change any time soon. It may make business and website owners on how to get backlinks on their website. When you obtain links from one website to another website, it showcases confidence, authority and trust. To learn more about backlinks, check out this article.

An increase in visibility means more traffic to your website, and it generates much organic content to your website. There is a saying that Google does not evaluate all rankings properly, and a wrong type of backlink could impact your ranking.

  • It has to be earned editorially
  • It has to emerge from competent and relevant websites
  • The links should not have been sponsored or paid in any form. This includes a result gifted products.

The use of the right type of backlinks would give an impetus to your SEO strategy. However, there are excellent ways where you may earn quality backlinks. But the question is, from where do you start? In a way, availing of the services of SEO Company India may be an effective strategy.

Resource link building

If you are exploring ways to avail backlinks, some of us think about complex and complicated tasks. But an effective form of link building is resource link building. To be successful, you need to know where your business may add value to your audience. Hence you need to be developing greater resource pages so that it is possible to obtain quality backlinks from relevant authorities. Some popular examples of resource link building are:

  • Universities
  • Local governments
  • Tourism and travel boards

You may be able to figure out such opportunities by analysing the backlinks of your competitors. An SEO company in India will give an idea of the links that may not be relevant for them but can be useful for your company. Using backlinks analytical tools makes it easy to identify the resources linking up to your competitorโ€™s website. In this manner, you may develop a content strategy that would grab their attention, and they would be linking to your website separately.

The concept of broken link building is all about locating informative pages, and it may be with external links to open up the dead pages; if you can figure out the broken links indicating 404 pages and locate an alternative form of content, that may be good. If this is not better than the original link, it becomes easy to develop some excellent links.

You have to ensure that a similar form of content may have established a link earlier, and one must be prepared to create it. Obviously, you may be able to achieve a reasonable degree of success with this strategy, and the reason is that neither the users nor the website would benefit from a link relating to page 404.

If you happen to sell third party products, there is an opportunity to earn potential links to your website. A quality SEO company India resorts to this form of strategy on all counts. Most of the suppliers are known to have where to buy products on their website. In simple terms, a manufacturer would point to a place where you may purchase the products. If you are a seller of a manufacturer product, you need to be listed.

It is better if you can incorporate a list of their suppliers along with their website details. You can walk through them one by one on a daily basis that mentions the stockists. Try to locate a page that you may see but is not listed.

Providing testimonies

Providing testimonies

Most businesses are used to asking customers to provide testimonies. But the thought may have never crossed your mind that there is an excellent way to build links to your website, and this may not be the case always.

The use of such a tactic will not scale; it is of help to diversify your link profile. If you can write a case study or a testimony published on your website, you would be happy to obtain the link back to your website and obtain credit. SEO Company India suggests that testimonies are one of the viable strategies to obtain backlinks. Eventually, it all boils down to who are your genuine customers.

Rendering help to a journalist

Most of us would not have come across the concept of HARO before. There is a strong possibility that you are missing out on opportunities to develop quality links to your website. HARO is about providing opportunities to budding journalists where they can publish their stories on your website. They are exploring opportunities to publish their write-ups, and a strong possibility exists that your website may be credited.

The process is to sign up, and it is three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will receive an email in your inbox. Most journalists work in diverse industries, and their search for a quote is evident. If you figure out something to your liking, then go ahead and respond. Your reply must be as comprehensive as possible and respond to topics or requests where your area of interest lies.

Numerous tactics are there by which you may obtain backlinks to your website. An ideal tactic would evolve on your approach to link building in the past, the type of industry you operate and what your competitors are up to.

Corporate Websites

The need of the hour is to formulate an effective link building strategy as it enables you to identify the tactics that are suitable for your website. A combination of all such measures will give you an idea of how to gain a competitive advantage.

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