Investopedia describes brand loyalty as “the positive association consumers attach to a particular product or brand.”

Introducing a loyalty scheme can seem like an obvious way to spur increased brand loyalty in your customers. However, it can do even more than that, as it can also enhance how positively your brand is perceived. Here are just some ways a loyalty programme can help you to manage brand reputation and perception.

Tips to Manage Brand Reputation and Perception

Boost your conversion rates

Find Influencers that Match Your Brand

When a customer decides to buy more often from your company in order to collect more loyalty points, you can get to know that customer better. This, in turn, can make conversions easier; according to Business 2 Community, loyal customers have roughly a 70% chance of converting.

Naturally, the more conversions you get, the more your firm can grow – including in reputation.

Encourage loyal customers to spread the word

You could include this encouragement on materials you use to promote the loyalty programme in the first place.

Many people who see these materials might not need much persuading to tell other people about your company if it already provides high-quality products and services as standard.

Foster customers’ emotional connections to your business

Customers develop these connections to companies when forming a sense of brand loyalty. These connections initially take shape as a result of the business in question providing a consistently exceptional customer experience.

Naturally, a loyalty scheme you introduce can become part of this experience and so help to fuel a positive perception of your brand.

Personalize your brand

Familiarise your customer service staff with the loyalty programme

Through partnering with a company like TCC Global, you can make your brand’s customer loyalty solution a largely digital affair that, as a result, tends to take care of itself.

However, you still have a strong incentive to teach your customer service staff how users of the loyalty scheme could make the most if it – especially because 73% of consumers love a brand due to helpful customer service, says smallbizgenius.

Associate the loyalty scheme with colour

According to another statistic, adopting the same colour palette across a wide range of promotional materials – like products and digital content – can enhance brand reputation by as much as 80%.

So, don’t be afraid to use your brand’s established colours as you market the loyalty programme online or in print.

Give your customers a stronger sense of trust

Yet another statistic has revealed that 59% of shoppers favour purchasing new products from brands they trust.

Fortunately, through routinely allowing customers to redeem the likes of loyalty points and money-off coupons, you can make it easier for these customers to deeply trust you – and so make them more inclined to buy new products from you.

manage brand reputation

Make your loyalty deals easy to ‘share’ on social media

Picture the scene: you periodically post Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets about particularly exciting deals that your customers could potentially snaffle as a result of staying loyal. Now, imagine how your brand’s reputation could grow if many other social media users shared or retweeted these posts…

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