There are more than 31.7 million small businesses in this country, making up the largest sector of business types.

Small businesses make money by selling products or services, but they all have something in common. Every small business owner looks for ways to save money, and a common way is by reducing taxes.

As a small business owner, your profitability and success rely on finding ways to reduce taxes. Fortunately, you can do this by taking the proper steps.

Would you like to learn about five excellent ways to reduce your company’s taxes? Keep reading to discover the answer.

1. Boost Your Expenses

Worldwide vs Territorial Taxation

If you want to know how to reduce taxes, you should consider boosting your expenses. Your business can write off your business expenses, so higher expenses lead to lower taxes.

As you consider this option, you should look for ways to increase your expenses in beneficial ways. For example, if you pay your employees more money to reward them for excellent work, it benefits you in multiple ways.

2. Invest Your Profits

Secondly, you can experience a tax reduction by investing the money you make instead of holding onto it. When you invest your profits, you can access more write-offs.

For example, if you invest in new machinery, you might be able to depreciate it over the next few years. Depreciation offers a way to write off money from a large purchase over several years, and it decreases your profits.

3. Use a Retirement Plan

Hire A Property Manager

Small businesses can also reduce taxes by offering retirement plans. Investing money into a retirement plan provides money for your retirement, but it also offers tax benefits.

The money you invest in your tax plan reduces your taxable income. As a result, you decrease your taxes by utilizing a retirement plan.

4. Take Advantage of All Tax Credits and Deductions

As you learn how to reduce taxes, you’ll discover that you might be missing out on tax breaks from credits and deductions you’re not using.

For example, if you use your personal cellphone for business purposes, you might be able to write off this expense on your taxes. You might want to talk to an accountant to learn about other expenses you can write off.

Every expense you write off decreases your tax liability, helping you save money.

5. Choose the Right Business Structure

Budget for Taxes

The last thing you can do is choose the right business structure. Taxes work differently with each available business structure. Therefore, reducing your taxes might be as simple as changing to a different business structure.

You can learn more about the options by speaking with your accountant or business lawyer.

Reduce Taxes With These Tips

Your small business can reduce taxes by following these tips. Of course, it’s also helpful to hire a good accountant to find additional ways to reduce your tax liability.

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