Have you ever considered getting an extendable dining room table? If you are in the market for new dining room furniture, you should carefully consider getting this type of dining table. A dining room table, round with extendable leaves optional, has many uses that many people never consider.

Here are some of the best ways to use an extendable dining room table that will make you want one for your home.

Cool Uses Of Extendable Dining Room Tables

Disappearing Home Office Or Study Workspace

Disappearing Home Office Or Study Workspace

If someone in your household is working or schooling from home, they are going to need a place to work or study. The year 2020 found many more people doing so, most of them without unused space for a home office. If you or someone in your household is looking at working or studying from home indefinitely, it is a good idea to plan for that additional use of your dining room.

With an extendable table, shifting the table from the executive desk to the dining surface is easier than ever. You can run your cords through a cord grommet installed just beneath where the table pulls apart, pulling them up and through for use, or down and out of sight when dining with your family.

Hosting Dinner Parties

Hosting Dinner Parties

If you like to host the occasional dinner party, an extendable table can allow you to invite a much larger group of your friends or colleagues. Extendable tables can be easily adapted to accommodate as many as three to four additional people, depending on the size and number of leaves available.

Having a longer table is also a necessity if you plan to host family gatherings around the holidays, birthdays, or other occasions. These dining sets also usually come with additional pieces like a sideboard or console table that can be turned into additional seating with bar-style dining chairs from the same brand or a similar furniture collection.

Special Projects

Do you like to make crafts and gifts for your friends and family? Do you prefer to make your own holiday decorations? Perhaps you have children with occasional school projects like science fair presentations. In any case, being able to expand your table for additional project workspace can be vital to complete it easily.

Buffet Style Get-Togethers

Buffet Style Get-Togethers

Do you like to throw football parties, racing parties, or other sports event celebrations? Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a potluck, a barbeque, or a birthday party, being able to supply space for all of the dishes and goodies people provide is necessary. An extendable table is a perfect solution, offering plenty of surface space for the foods you love along with plates, silverware, napkins, and beverages. Then, serve everything buffet style and allow people to sit where they will, forming smaller groups.

However you use your extendable dining table, you will be more than happy that you chose a furniture set that included optional extension leaves. What else might you use the extra space for? The sky is the limit!

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