What Do All Great Business Cards Have in Common?

Great business cards

We live in a world where 27 million business cards get printed on a daily basis. This is both an example of how important these cards are, and also how likely your cards are to end up in the landfill if you don’t stand out from the other business cards that circulate.

A great business card has a few characteristics that you will need to keep in mind before getting a batch printed. We’re happy to explain further.

Keep reading so that you can order some great business cards for your professional needs.

An Excellent Design

Great business card design is non-negotiable. You can no longer get away with just having a plain white card with your information on it. Learn about color psychology, figure out which themes are helpful for your brand, and make sure that your card is eye-catching.

Professionals today are pulling out all of the stops with their business designs, including:

  • Divorce lawyer business cards that split in half
  • Yoga studio cards that are mini yoga mats
  • Clear business cards
  • Cartoonified business cards
  • Cards in shapes besides the standard rectangle

It takes great business card designs to stand out and stay on people’s minds. You can click here to look into designs that stand out.

High-Quality Card Materials

Don’t shortchange yourself when deciding on business card materials. The card should feel impressive in a person’s hand when they hold it.

This also allows for more longevity, so that the card doesn’t easily get frayed or start fading in people’s wallets or pockets. A business card designer can help you try out some of the following materials:

  • Durable paper stock
  • Various types of plastics
  • Hemp
  • Metal
  • Various types of fabric

When you design a business card, people never want to feel like they’re holding something cheap. Choosing the right materials will make sure they leave the right impression.

All of the Right Information

Great business cards are always informative, first and foremost. Make sure that your name and contact information are easy to read, accurate, and error-free.

In addition to your contact phone number and e-mail address, make sure that you also have a QR code that takes people to your website, LinkedIn page, or social media account.

A Professional Finish

Your business card is all about the finishing touches. Take the time to include some professional finish options, such as:

  • Gloss
  • UV Coating
  • Various textures
  • Painted Edges
  • Varying degrees of thickness

Putting these perks into play will allow you to get better results from your business card. People will feel compelled to keep your cards and hold onto them. This increases the likelihood of generating new business based on this marketing tool.

Order Some Great Business Cards

Consider these tips when you’re looking for some great business cards for your professional needs. You can’t go wrong creating some excellent cards, so don’t hesitate to touch base with professionals that can assist you.

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