There is a good reason why we all need car insurance before we are allowed on the road. There is an average of 6 million car accidents every year in the USA, which results in around 3 million injuries. If you haven’t had an accident yet and you have been driving without insurance, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed.

Car accidents happen to all of us. Whether it is a fender bender in the parking lot or a full-on smash on the freeway. The important thing is that you handle it correctly – and that you don’t drive without the insurance that protects you.

Here’s what happens to you if you get into a car accident in Georgia if you haven’t got insurance.

What Happens If I Drive Without Car Insurance In Georgia?

What Happens If I Drive Without Car Insurance In Georgia

First of all, driving without insurance is illegal. If you are out on the roads without it, you are driving illegally. At the very minimum, you should have liability auto insurance. In fact, if you let your insurance lapse, your insurance provider is duty-bound to report this lapse to the Department of Motor Vehicles. That way, they know you are driving illegally, and the police can flag you down.

Moreover, police in Georgia have the right to suspend your license if you are a repeat offender of having no insurance. If you have a simple lapse in insurance one time, you will pay a lapsed insurance fee. If you are caught without it, you will have to go to court and will be guilty of a misdemeanor. As you can see, driving without insurance in Georgia isn’t worth it.

What If I Have An Accident While Uninsured?

The Other Driver Blames You for the Accident

If you are driving your car without that insurance and you crash it, the state of Georgia will come down heavily upon you. You will still have to pay for any damages caused. If you are the guilty party and are found to be the one at fault, the damages will have to be paid out of your other existing assets.

So, if you drive without insurance in Georgia, USA, and you cause an accident, you may well lose your house. You will be given a misdemeanor, you will go to court, and you will be expected to pay the fines associated with being uninsured.

What To Do When You Get Into A Car Accident?

What To Do When You Get Into A Car Accident

Whether insured or not, calling an exemplary car accident legal team like MG Law to help you recover your losses is sensible. Especially if you are an uninsured driver, then legal assistance becomes vital. If you want to give yourself the best chance of holding on to your hard-won assets, then foregoing the lawyer is a plain bad idea.

After a car accident, it is too late to get insurance. The coverage has to have been in place at the time when you crashed, otherwise it is considered to be a fraud. Think carefully about this before you get behind the wheel of an uninsured car. You could be signing your life away.

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