Nothing is quite as problematic as a crooked or misaligned set of teeth. They lead to a bunch of dental complications if not treated immediately. There are many types of braces being used to treat this condition. To completely fix this issue, people must be patient and pay close attention to their dental health. The cost of teeth braces in India is slightly on the higher side, but it is a kind of investment you will never regret.

Types of Braces

There are various types of braces currently available. It is best to consult your dentist and figure out which type is best for you. The price range depends on the type of braces you require and the severity of the misalignment of your teeth. There are some misconceptions regarding the cost of correcting crooked teeth, but we are here to clear all your doubts on this matter. This blog will look at some of the most common types of braces available, and their respective teeth braces cost in India.

Types of Braces

Orthodontists use braces to correct the misalignment in your teeth and help you achieve the perfect set of teeth. They can commonly be used to straighten or align your teeth and help to position them. Besides this, braces are also used for treating cross bites, deep bites, rotation in teeth etc. These are the most common types of braces:

common types of braces

  • Metal braces: When you hear the word braces, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. These are traditional metal wired braces which straighten your teeth using metal brackets and archwires. Metal braces are the least expensive braces used to treat misaligned teeth.
  • Ceramic braces: This is a more subtle alternative to traditional metal braces. As the name suggests, ceramic braces use enamel-like material instead of metal brackets. These types of braces are a bit more expensive than traditional braces. But you won’t regret investing in these since they are much more subtle in their appearance.
  • Lingual braces: Another alternative to metal braces are lingual braces. They hide behind your teeth while performing the same function as metal braces. But one thing to remember about these is that these teeth braces cost a bit more than ceramic braces and require extra care.
  • Invisalign braces: These are the most subtle in appearance; they are almost invisible! Invisalign are custom-made mouth guards like removable clear plastic aligners, which are replaced every 2-3 weeks. When compared to all the rest, these are the most expensive, but their comfort and aesthetic value are unmatched.

Teeth braces cost in India

Teeth braces

There is no standardized cost of braces in India, but their cost variation is not extreme. Teeth braces cost varies from city to city. But generally speaking, there is a hierarchy followed in terms of pricing. The cost can also vary depending upon the skills of the dentist and the location you’re getting them from.

Types of bracesCost of braces
Traditional braces20,000-80,000
Ceramic braces40,000- 1 lac
Lingual braces75,000-1.5 lac
Invisalign braces1.5 lac- 3.5 lac

One type of braces that is gaining much traction from the general public is the Invisalign braces. The main reason behind their popularity is their subtle appearance and versatility. Even though it is pricey, more people are opting for this option, especially from well-known brands like toothsi. toothsi is one of the most well-known brands with affordable teeth braces cost in India. What are you waiting for? toothsi can help you flaunt your best smile! Book a free consultation today.

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