Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

Every Business Should Have a Blog

We live in an age where everything seems to go through the internet. We book vacations, purchase groceries, and interact with friends and family across the globe. Every successful business has a purpose-built website, but not every company has a blog, but every business should have a blog.

The art of blogging may have died down in recent years as content creators utilize formats other than the written word. Video content is immensely popular, but there is no beating a good, old-fashioned blog. Large businesses have an all-encompassing content marketing team keeping the company’s customers up-to-date, but blogs are equally, if not more, important for small businesses or start-ups. Here is why every business should have a blog.

Blog Help Customers Stay Updated About Your Business

Humans are social creatures who love to know what is going on around them. It is one of the reasons news channels, websites, and papers are so popular. Maintaining a blog helps keep your customers updated with what is going on with you, your business, and your products. They are perfect for informing your audience about upcoming promotions and special offers, too. The best sports betting sites use their blogs to promote bonuses and upcoming sporting events. Your business may have an offer coming up; a blog about it gets the word out there.

Blogs Give Your Customers a Platform For Providing Feedback

A blog is a perfect platform for customers wishing to leave feedback. You should welcome all feedback regardless of it being positive or negative because it helps you improve in areas that need improvement, in addition to letting you know where you are excelling.

Larger businesses tend to have a dedicated customer support team that take calls and answer emails 24/7. If you are a smaller business, spending money on this area may not be viable, so a blog is the next best thing.

Customers can comment on your posts or send a message to you via a page on your blog, and you can respond to them there. Comments giving you a glowing report can be shared publicly, making your product or service more attractive to new customers.

They Can Help Build an Email Database

Email marketing is still an excellent and effective marketing strategy, but it has one major issue: you need people’s email addresses! Selling products online usually means the customer will leave their email address with you as part of the ordering process. Having a blog where readers have to sign-up to access the content is a great way to build an email database.

You can even dress it up on your blog as a “sign-up to receive special offers” (how many times have you seen that online?). People who sign up via your blog are already interested in what you have to offer, so they are perfect for an email detailing offers and/or new products.

Build Your Audience and Visibility

You probably will not have many readers when you first start writing a company blog. You will have even fewer links from other blogs and companies. That starts to change over time if you keep your blog up to date. Your audience grows, and you get more eyes on your website. It’s one of the reasons every business should have a blog. Furthermore, like-minded people and companies will link to your blog and, therefore, website, pushing it further up the various search engine rankings.

Once you have a solid following, it is worthwhile contacting some of your readers and offering to write a guest post on their blog; you can invite them to post on your blog, too. This is a great way to build links and get a fresh set of eyes on your website. It is a win-win situation.

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