With so much economic uncertainty, one of the main concerns of the average Americas is: will payroll taxes go up in 2023? The short answer is that we do not expect a significant rise in payroll taxes in 2023.

Nonetheless, there are some critical details that employers or employees should not overlook. This article will clarify your question: “will payroll taxes go up in 2023?”

What Is The Current Payroll Tax Rate?

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The payroll tax rate is now 15.3%. This consists of the 12.4% Social Security tax rate and the 2.9% Medicare tax rate. Employers and employees split the payroll tax rate in half, and self-employed people are responsible for paying the entire 15.3% tax.

What Is The Payroll Tax Limit For 2023?

The payroll tax limit is an important thing to keep in mind. This is the most money that has to be taxed through payroll. In 2022, the most you can make and still get Social Security was $147,000. This means that workers only have to pay Social Security taxes on the first $147,000 of their income.

The Medicare tax, on the other hand, is taken out of all income. Every year, the Social Security wage base limit is changed to keep up with inflation, so we can expect this amount to increase slightly in 2023.

Will The 2023 Payroll Tax Rates Change?

Even though payroll taxes are not expected to go up by a lot in 2023, the tax rates could change in small ways. Most of the time, these changes incorporate inflation and other economic factors, with the changes to the tax rates likely minor.

Both employers and employees need to know about changes to payroll tax laws and regulations. There are penalties and fines for not following payroll tax laws, so meeting all payroll tax requirements is essential.

Are Payroll Taxes Changing For 2023?

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Currently, there are no significant changes planned for 2023’s payroll tax rates. The Social Security tax rate, which makes up most of the payroll tax, remained 12.4% for many years.

Similarly, the Medicare tax rate hasn’t changed much in recent years, and employees and employers pay the same 2.9% tax rate. Even though the tax rates might slightly change after considering inflation and other factors, any changes will be small.

Payroll tax laws and rules can change anytime, so employers and employees should stay informed and up-to-date on any changes that could affect their finances.


In 2023, payroll taxes are not expected to go up significantly. The current payroll tax rate is 15.3%, and the maximum wage base for Social Security in 2022 is $147,000. There might be small changes to the tax rates, but any changes will likely be small. So, if you want to avoid fines and ensure you’re following the law, you should watch for updates and changes to payroll tax laws in 2023.

If you’re wondering will payroll taxes go up in 2023, it’s going to come as a sign of relief when we say that many financial analysts and experts predict that payroll taxes will remain relatively stable, but there is always a chance that unforeseen circumstances could result in changes.

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