Yemeni Graffiti Artists Hope Images Will Highlight War Horrors

Yemeni Graffiti Artists

SANAA, Oct 25 โ€“ Yemeni street artists are daubing the capitalโ€™s walls with haunting images of war and starving children in an effort to highlight the impact conflict is having on the countryโ€™s population.

The graffiti, including a malnourished child locked in a blood-red coffin, is turning heads in a country where more than two thirds of the population are in need of some form of humanitarian aid, according to the United Nations.

โ€œWe came up with this campaign because of the internal and external wars in Yemen, the economic crisis, all of these factors led to famine and poverty in Yemen,โ€ said participating artist, Thou Yazan Al Alawi.

More than 10,000 people have been killed, thousands more wounded and the healthcare and education systems have crumbled in Yemenโ€˜s 19-month civil war.

A Saudi-led coalition launched an offensive last March aimed at restoring exiled Yemeni president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to power and ousting the Iran-allied Houthi movement from their strongholds.

โ€œThe war has made this country sick, people are dying of hunger,โ€ said one passer-by, Yousef Abdelqawi.

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